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  • BARS & CLUBS in Almaty

    0) Hard Rock Café: Never been there, but I've heard prices are okay.
    Address: 85 Karasai batyr street, between Seifullin and Amangeldy streets.

    1)Mojo Nightclub: Never been there, but they say it's ok.
    Address: 3rd Floor, 32 Dostyk ave, below Bogenbai Batyr street.

    2)The Shakespeare Pub: One of my favourite places. Always crowdy. Always make me happy.
    Address: Dostyk ave, corner of Vinogradova street. Opposite to HSBC bank, next to MotherCare store.

    3)Cosmopolitan Bar: It's located just in the back entrance of the Hotel Kazakhstan. Cool place.
    Address: 52/2 Dostyk ave (entrance on Zhenkov street).

    4) The Guns & Roses Pub – Grille: It's located on the right side of the Hotel Kazakhstan. Cool place.
    Address: 52/2 Dostyk ave

    5)Raketa Bar: One of the popular places. Always crowdy.
    Address: Bogenbai batir street, corner of Pushkin street.

    6)Chukotka bar & club: One of the popular places.
    Address: It's located inside of Panfilov Park.

    7)Kvartira Bar (Apartment Bar) & Sky Bar: One of the popular places. It's just next to SkyBar.
    Address: 148, Jeltoksan street, corner of Jambyl street.

    8)Soho Almaty Club: One of the popular places.
    Address: 65 Kazybek bi street, corner of Furmanov street.

    9)World Fashion Bar: Mostly models and fashionistas go there. I've been at the fashion show there.
    Address: 125 Karasai Batyr Street,corner of Muratbaev street.

    10)LondonGrad: One of the popular places.
    Address: 157 Gogol Street, corner of Sharipov street.

    11)Zhest' ("Жесть") rock-club: One of the popular places.
    Address: 236 Rozybakiev street, below Outepov street.

    12)Vogue Bar: Kinda posh.
    Address: 11, Satpaev ave, corner of Furmanov street

    Just remember: Most of Almaty nightclubs and bars have a dress code and a face control. Fancy shoes and stylish outfit - you are welcome. Shorts & flipflops - they won't let you in.
  • Teaching in Kazakhstan

    You may also check Almaty International School. It is the most prefferable one for expats who live here. Management of the school consists of completely from American teachers.
  • English books in Almaty

    I bought very good books in a bookstore located in Dostyk hotel on Kurmangazy street. The prices are cheap and they sell all types of literature.
  • Jazz in Almaty

    You can follow the events schedule from .
    I hope it helps.
  • Seamstress / Tailor

    There is an amazingly good alterations place situated in a tiny booth at the back of the cell phone shops within the Russian Supermarket on the corner of Dostyk and Kaban baibatyr street.

    I've given her some stuff fully expecting them to be written off but she delivers every time for tiny money!!!