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  • Take away sandwiches , Almaty (Review)

    Well, after having canteen lunch at KBTU for almost 4 years , I decided to give visit to a nearby Take away sandwiches located at Tole Bi - Furmanov. Take away sandwiches is the subway of Kazakhstan. Not the real one, but they try to be the subway in every other way , from the menu style , brand color , seating arrangements. The good thing is Take away sandwiches works 24 hours a day and there are three branches in Almaty. Prices are very good , and about the taste , it really depends upon your choice of Burger, you have an option to chose horse meat for your burger. The employees are students most of the time so a speak a bit of English , but will understand you completely.

    +Good Price
    +Clean sitting area
    +No smoking
    +Working 24 hours

    _ A small one, you won't be able to get pickles, jalapeno or Olives other than lunch time, and they will not refresh the whole day .
    -They have two TVs that were playing loud, you may get dizzy trying to listen to both of them at the same time .
    -Nothing else, they provide what they promise and good food for the price .
    -Avoid Coffee / Tea and related items.

    A quick Roll (Below)
    Decor and ambience 5/10.
    Food and service 9/10.
    This is a great place!

    Phone : +7 747 426 33 59, +7 747 793 92 77
    Website :

    ++This article is not endorsed by Center Plov and Shashlik, cafe , Just my honest opinion, All the above photos were captured with my phone

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  • Safety & Laws in Kazakhstan

    Arriving in Kazakhstan
    Practical reminders to help you when you first arrive in Kazakhstan
    - Keep passport, travel documents, and tickets in a safe place
    - Bring enough cash to cover immediate needs. Best to bring dollars or euros, they are easiest to exchange. Bring a credit card and leave some money in your regular bank account because it could take several weeks to set up a local bank account.
    - Label luggage clearly. If luggage is lost, immediately notify officials of airline or shipping line.

    In an emergency
    - Police - 102
    - Fire and rescue - 101
    - Ambulance - 103
    * Best if you speak Russian or have a Russian speaker with you

    Accommodation/Safety at home
    - Don't leave repair workers alone in your apartment
    - If you see signs of a break-in, don't go in. Call police right away.
    - Whenever you go out, make sure to turn off all electronic appliances.

    Safety in the streets
    It is generally safe to walk on the streets in Kazakhstan, but here are some tips to keep you safe.
    - Be aware of your surroundings.
    - Don't carry large amounts of cash.
    -If traveling at night, try and stay in a large group and use public transportation or official taxis.
    - Don't leave belongings out of sight.
    - Make sure to carry your cell phone with you.
    - Never accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended.
    - try not to use cash machines late at night or in poorly lit areas.
    - Speaking a language other than Russian or Kazakh will draw attention.

    Laws in Kazakhstan
    - It is prohibited to drink alcohol or appear drunk in public except for places that serve alcohol.
    - It is prohibited to make noise or disturb neighbors between hours of 11pm and 6am.
    - Gambling is illegal except for in Borovoe and Kapchagay.
    - It is prohibited to sell alcohol to individuals under 18 years of age.

    Source - Astana International Club (AIC)

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  • I am looking for a driver/guide in Almaty

    Please contact Karla (very good in English) , she does tour guide in Almaty , she can also arrange you a English speaking driver - +77017552086

    1.Driver (Russian speaker) - +77016134781
    2. - 8 (727) 245-47-47, 8 (727) 390-54-10
  • First annual General Body meeting of InCham Kazakhstan

    The first annual General Body meeting of InCham Kazakhstan was held on 07-02-2016 at the Ramada Hotel. The meeting saw a large attendance by the Indian community. Mr. Abdul Moktadir welcomed the gathering. Mr. Naveen Kapur, ROI, Almaty was the Chief guest. The Interim President Mr. Seshadri Sundaram in his opening remarks highlighted the activities of InCham. This was followed by discussion as well as suggestions from the members on the future plans of the organization.

    After lunch, the democratic process of elections were conducted. This was the first time that the Indian community voted their choice of leaders of InCham for the year 2016. An election committee was constituted with Mr. Naveen Kapur and Mr. Sanjay Gupta as the returning officers. 71 members cast their votes.
    The following were elected as the office bearers of InCham

    1. Mr. Seshadri Sundaram : President
    2. Dr. Tarachand Nehra: Vice President
    3. Mr. Abdul Moktadir: General Secretary
    4. Mr. Dillip Kumar Agasti: Joint Secretary
    5. Mr. Pritesh Shah: Treasurer
    6. Dr. Mohd Suhel: Auditor

    It was decided that the executive committee will be constituted on a later date on the basis of suggestions/ recommendation by the office bearers.

  • Shoe repair place in Almaty

    Corner dostyk and kabebaye, under the stairs that lead to Resaï little mall

    Best shoe repair place: Dostyk-Tole bi (estern-south corner)

    There is one inside Ritz Palace (Риту Палес) Dostyk and Al Farabi.