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  • About champions of Kazakhstan

    Going deeply into a history I should mention that Kazakhstan was a part of The Soviet Union for almost 70 years. It had a big impact on an infrastructure of all 15 countries which were in USSR. As a Moscow was capital of this country, it was evident that all aspects such as culture, sport , economy, manufacture and etc. was developed higher than somewhere else in USSR. So because of following conditions, sport did not developed as it wanted.

    But now sport culture is spring up and started developing very rapidly last years. It may be seen by the results of our sportsmen in the last Olympic games. Let's review the main achievements: Aleksandr Vinokurov became an olympic champion in bycicle sport. Our sportsman representing weightlifting is great Ilya Ilyin. He was on the top 2 times. Women also do not lag from men : Maya Maneza , Svetlana Podobedova and Zulfiya Chinshanlo make Kazakhstan people to be proud. The most resultative in olympic box sport is Serik Sapiyev nowadays , he is also got a gold. I think that this logical result in our sport because governement do its best in order to attract as many as possible people to be part of sport culture in Kazakhstan.

    I think that wins of our compatriots make all the citizens to be proud ti live here. It is growing up the spirit of a nation. I will be pleased if this sphere will continue rising up.
  • about very good girl

    yes Ako is very good person , agree with Akni!)
  • My hometown

    Good article , "If I have to choose one city among all cities over the world that would be Atyrau" like your sence of patritism)))
  • Top 5 beautiful places in Almaty to show tourists.

    Kok -Tobe and Arbat are my favourites! good research , good review of breathtaking sightseeings in Almaty
  • Aktau - my hometown .

    Very good pictures, marvellous view of the sea and night Aktau made me speechless!