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  • Tandoor - Indian Restaurant in Almaty ( Review )

    Tandoor is one of the best Indian restaurants in Kazakhstan. There are strong competitors, but Tandoor still manages to be on the top of my list. This restaurant is very near to my home, actually it is between my work and home, located at Tole Bi - Baitursinov opposite to Altyn Bank (HSBC before).

    Tandoor gives a more premium quality experience where I can bring my date confidently and will be sure everything will be fine in terms of quality of service and atmosphere. The restaurant is well color coordinated as you can see in the photos below. The moment you get in the restaurant you are welcomed with a strong aroma of India scents and also calming/ relaxing music. The prices are fairly ok and the prices haven't changed a lot in the past 3 years in which we saw Tenge devaluation 3 times. The restaurant is managed by Mr Vinod Takur from India, he is very humble and he will go to any extend to make sure you have a great experience in the restaurant, he is also supported by Maksim Savenko . Both the chefs are from India. The waiters always wear colorful Indian dresses, speaks English very well and know the menu very well, they are able to explain the contents in each dish in detail. The restaurant is quiet, you will not notice the heavy traffic noise inside.

    Tandoor also provides Business Lunch every afternoon on weekdays. Hands down the best Indian Meal Experience in Almaty. Service is always fully attentive, kind, and responsive. Servings of delicious Naan were replenished several times, and the water never reached the bottom of my glass. Overall, the buffet had a good balance of vegetarian and meat choices to choose from, and the quality was underscored by freshness, hot temperature, authentic flavors, and refinement.

    My favorite is Pulav Rice and Chicken Tikka Masala (medium heat) with Cheese Naan


    Takes Reservations-Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards-Yes
    Parking Private Lot-No
    Bike Parking-No
    Wheelchair Accessible-No / Maybe
    Good for Kids-Yes
    Good for Groups-Yes
    Attire-Casual / Business
    Ambience - Casual / A bit premium
    Noise Level- low
    Alcohol- Yes
    Outdoor Seating-No
    Has TV- Yes
    Waiter Service-Yes

    You can see the menu and prices here

    Facebook Page

    ул.Толе-би 102, уг. ул. Байтурсынова
    Almaty, Kazakhstan

    8 (727) 292 7596

    ++This article is not endorsed by Tandoor, Just my honest opinion, All the above photos were captured with my phone :)

    Download Presentation PPT file - - Indian Restaurant in Almaty.ppt
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  • Moving to Almaty ? All essential info here


    Most visitors here are suprised by how developed it is here - it's actually a fairly modern city.

    Gifts are hard, especially if you don't know what kind of family it is. Godiva chocolate is not American chocolate and you can buy it there. But yeah, chocolates, candies, and very nice speciality loose leaf tea would be very appreciated. So would nice wine/american vodka or cognac (granted the family drinks. But if they don't, you can give it to someone else).
    Mostly the coffee is bad, but you can buy decent coffee at some stores. My personal go-to brand when I ran out of good coffee I'd brought with me was "Жоккей" (Zhokkey).

    Conservative dress for work, dress nice for going out. Almaty is the most westernized city in the country and the main thing is to always take care of your appearance. People in KZ almost always get cleaned up and dress up, even to just go to the store. You have your house clothes and slippers, which can be the most hideous color combinations ever, but if you're going outside beyond throwing the trash out, they get cleaned up, put on nice clothes and footwear.

    Some clubs to visit (though I guarantee there are many more new ones i don't know about): Chukotka is a very-well known club located in the park. Tot Samiy Bar is another spot.

    The good gyms (тренажерный зал) are expensive. World Class Almaty is probably about the nicest/most expensive one i can think of. I was paying $200/month to use the one in the Rixos hotel, but I also worked in that building and got a discount...

    too many shops/restaurants to name. It's also been a few years since I've lived there, so I'm not sure what's still around. The AB Restaurant Group has numerous restaurants around the city that are affordable and OK options if you're looking for Italian, German, Georgian, Russian food etc. SPeaking of which, if you aren't familiar with Georgian cuisine, you HAVE to try it while you're there. Daredzhani is one place (from the AB group). There are a few others - Perosmani (not great). There is a Hare Krishna vegetarian place directly across the street from Perosmani, though, called Govindas. Delicious lunch deal they have.

    For a large selection of cheap beer - I almost hesitate to share it with you because it's kind of my secret spot where I've never seen another foreigner - is a place called Shtab (132 Zheltoksan St.) It's very hole-in-the-wall.
    Ever had Uyghur food? Dishes like Lagman are a must-try in Almaty. Try Uzbechka. There is also a good Lagman place on the bottom floor of the Green Bazaar.

    For decent Chinese food, try Princessa on the corner of Tolebaev St. and Gogol St. - it's catty-corner to the Arasan Baths, a trip you definitely need to take with some friends.

    For Dungani cuisine - a food most even in Almaty don't know about - go to Shi Von Kha. This place is a little hard to find, but it's through the gate behind the big BTA bank building.

    There are tons of coffee shops, most have free wifi - Coffeedelia is one of the oldest. There is a french coffee/pastry shop on Mendikulov St., the short street running North-South behind Ramstore. Good wifi, great atmosphere, usually quiet.
    I could go on and on... try to get on the American Chamber of Commerce mailing list if you're interested in meeting lots of expats or English-speaking locals in the city. The Sundowner events are always fun, even if a bit pricey for non-members, but there is unlimited alcohol and decent food and are always in trendy spots. Anyways, you'll make lots of connections there.

    Take a taxi service at night to be safer. I liked to use Econom Taxi because they text you the make and model and license plate of the car picking you up. It's a few hundred tenge more, but it's good for peace of mind.
    No good metro map - there is only one line with 9 stops. Worth riding - the art in each station is cool to look at. As for the buses, if you're really determined to use them, I used to have this program called e-City installed on my computer. It lets you plot your starting point and destination and show you all the routes available. Very handy, but I see their website is currently offline (the link above is to a third-party site) and it's only in Russian.

    Gifts - I've used American chocolates myself, i.e. can't go wrong with Godiva.

    Ziploc bags, yeah - I haven't seen them here myself, and I actually brought a big box with me the last time I travelled back to the states.

    Dress: unless you're walking into a conservative Mosque, Almaty is probably one of the most fashion-concious cities I've
    seen. High heels very common, and there are times the club scene wouldn't be out of place in new york.

    Gyms: yes, but the good ones are pretty pricey. I wouldn't worry about the need to dress conservatively.

    Apps: VK is bigger here, though many people also use Facebook. Instagram, whatsapp, and viber are popular as well.

    Credit :
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  • No permission to post ? or change profile picture in

    XPAT Kazakhstan was created to help foreigners travelling to KZ, if you find any information that can be useful for expats please feel free to create an account and share your ideas/views/reviews. This site is a vault of valuable information that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. But the site need users like yourself who have a lot of experience in KZ to share ideas. Please feel free to create posts that will be helpful for expats as well as citizens of Kazakhstan.

    Membership at is by approval only.Each membership request is carefully reviewed to make sure remains the special place it is.

    Based on the information you provide we will make a decision about your membership request and get back to you within 24 hours.After 24 hours of creating an account , you will be able to post articles , comment and change profile picture.
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  • World Food Kazakhstan 5 Nov - 7 Nov

    World Food Kazakhstan is a wide-ranging exhibition, showcasing the very best products on Kazakhstan's food and drink market. The event has become a major meeting place for the industry, welcoming thousands of visitors from Kazakhstan and the wider Central Asian region.

    In the past, this event has proved an effective forum for promoting new products, discovering more about the local market and meeting professionals within the industry, including producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs.
  • KBTU Students - Commenting ISSUE

    A few students spammed the website with unwanted and useless comments, it even went to a point where the server thought it was DDOS attack and shut down itself. I disabled commenting yesterday to make some changes to the code. Now I have enabled the commenting, all kbtu students should follow these rules

    1. Comments should be minimum 25 words.
    2. Comments should be very relavent to the topic.

    Anyone abusing the commenting system or do not follow the above rules from now on 07.10.2015 will be banned without warning
  • Working in Kazakhstan [Updated 2015]

    In accordance with Kazakh law, foreign nationals and individuals without nationality can work in Kazakhstan under permits granted by the designated authority.

    Permit to employ foreign workers shall be granted to the following classes:

    Chief executives with higher education and at least 5-year service in managing positions in their respective sector;
    Managers and specialists, meeting qualifying requirements set-out in The Qualifying Sourcebook of Executive, Specialist and Other Worker Positions;
    Skilled workers with the respective professional training and service in accordance with The Single Rate and Qualification Sourcebook of Worker Positions and Skills and the Rate and Qualification Descriptions of Worker Positions; and
    Workers involved in seasonal agriculture under international agreements on cooperation in labour migration and social protection of migrant workers.
    At the same time, Kazakh law sets forth classes of foreign nationals and individuals without nationality that can be employed without special permit:

    Chief executives of branches or offices of foreign corporations;
    Individuals on business trips lasting not more than 60 calendar days in one calendar year. More than 60 days shall be allowed if the Kazakh staff is seconded in order to take professional training, or refresher training and advanced training in specific occupations in a foreign corporation, which seconds the same number of foreign workers for a similar period, or if the same number of Kazakh nationals are sent for study at educational institutions in a country where the foreign corporation is based. In doing so they should not be seconded for more than 180 calendar days;
    Individuals seconded under contract for more than 60 days to a Kazakhstan corporation, branches and offices of foreign corporations;
    Chief executives of companies that entered (with the Kazakhstan government) into contracts for investment worth over 50 million US Dollars, and chief executives of the Kazakhstan corporations investing in priority sectors, who entered into contract with the respective authority responsible for investment;
    Staff of diplomatic missions and international institutions, and staff of consulates, accredited in Kazakhstan;
    Those arriving under international agreements on charity, humanitarian aid and grants signed by Kazakhstan;
    Media, accredited in Kazakhstan;
    Members of crews of river vessels, air, rail or motor transport vessels, owned by foreign entities;
    Artists, directors, conductors, choir masters, choreographers, painters, coaches, sportsmen and trainers;
    Individuals, permanently residing in Kazakhstan;
    Those who gained the refugee status or political asylum in Kazakhstan;
    Those studying and working at Kazakhstan educational institutions
    Those who teach at general secondary, vocational, professional, post-secondary and higher educational institutions (under international agreements) on cooperation on education projects authorized by Kazakhstan (staffing of which does not exceed a 25 percent staff quota)
    Oralmans (Kazakh repatriates)
    Individuals, specialising in developing space rocket infrastructure and operating ground space infrastructure to be employed under international agreements on cooperation in aerospace signed by Kazakhstan;
    Managers and specialists with post-secondary and higher education (with document confirmed under Kazakh law) working at the Regional Financial Centre in Almaty.
    Please note that every year the Kazakhstan government sets limits on foreign workers to be employed.
  • Smog over Almaty, Kazakhstan


    Yep it's definitely possible! Meteorologists call this "inversion". Basically, a higher-temperature layer above the city traps all the smog in the valley.

    Download HD photo [5,184 × 3,456] here
  • Indian Stereotypes in Kazakhstan

    What do hou know about the people from India or book or culture or actors/actress? Well, we both know that the cows are sacred, or they have many gods ( 333 Million Gods ), they are always pictured like a poor people who want to have an “american dreams” like in the movies “Who wants to be a millionaire? (Slumdog Millionaire)” or “The Guru”, specially this second movie supports the notion that India is known all over the world as the land of Kama Sutra.

    That’s why India attracts a lot of stereotypes, much to the annoyance of its citizens. Yet, India truly is a country of contrasts and contradictions. It’s often said about India that where something is true, the opposite will also be true. I have made a compilation of all the questions I encountered while living in Kazakhstan for 3 years.

    1.Do you eat Cows ?
    2.Do you pray to Cows ?
    3.Do you know Jimmy Jimmy song ?
    4.Do you know Raj Kapoor?
    5.Are girls married at the age of 13 ?
    6.I look like Jagdeesh (from TV Serial)
    7.Why Indian food is very spicy ?
    8.Who is more beautiful ? Indian girls or Kazakh girls ?
    9.Is Sita Gita real story ? (TV Serial)
    10. Is my wife 13 years old ?
    11.Did I read Kamasutra ?
    12.Do I sell Indian Tea ?
    13.I look like Raj Koothrappali from Big Bang Theory
    14.Slumdog Millionaire is true story ?
    15.Are girls kidnapped and raped everywhere ?

    16. What is your religion ? Muslim?
    me - No
    -then ? Buddhism ?
    me - No , Hindu
    -What is it ? never heard about it ?
    me - Krishna
    -Ahh yes yes i know Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

    17. Where are you from ? Delhi , Mumbai ? Goa ?
    me - Kerala
    -Where is it ? In India ?

    18.Are you a medical Student ?
    19.Are you a yoga teacher ?
    20. Sharukh Khan is much fair than you.

    21 What is your religion?
    Me: Hindu
    - People here say that your religion is fake.
    - because you have so many gods

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  • Kazakhstan's Oil Capital / Atyrau

    Atyrau is perhaps not a location that will be on the top of most people's list of holiday destinations. In fact it is unlikely to be on anyone's list unless they have a particular reason for going there.

    The city is still struggling to free itself from it's Soviet past, but the changes currently taking place are dramatic and noticeable for travellers that are returning to the city on a regular basis. There are now a selection of hotels that offer a reasonable standard of accommodation, and there are also a handful of restaurants to serve very good food. So for a business traveller it is quite possible to have a both enjoyable and comfortable stay in Atyrau at almost any time of year.

    But away from the posh office buildings that keep popping up at regular intervals and the glitzy hotels and restaurants there is a different side to this city. Most people still lives in houses that would be considered quite poor by most people in the west, and with average wages between 500 and 1,000 USD a month it is obviously often difficult for locals to get ahead in a city where the costs are only going up.

    This has caused some resentment towards the outsiders, in particularly expats involved in the oil industry. And unfortunately random attacks on foreigners walking home from bars late at night have become quite common.

    Taxis in Atyrau don't have meters. Instead a fixed price should be agreed before you get into the taxi. This is often difficult unless you spak Kazakh or Russian. So a basic knowledge of Russian numbers is recommended. Typical rates from the Airport to the town centre is from 1,000 KZT (about USD 8), while a trip inside the city centre should normally be less than 500 KZT. However, prices commonly double or triple at night or when the taxi driver thinks he can get away with it. The best strategy is to get the hotel to book a taxi whenever possible and get them to ask how much the fare should be.

    During the summer Atyrau becomes very hot dry, and dusty. Temperatures in excess of 30C are common, and can even go above 45C. In the autumn and spring the city gets wet and the dust then quickly forms mud that gets everywhere. It becomes virtually impossible to move around the city without getting mud on your shoes and clothes. Special trays can often be found near building entrances where you can scrape off the mud off your shoes or boots and give them a quick wipe. In the winter the temperature can drop down to -30C, and snow is also quite common, although there is rarely more than 10 or 15 cm of snow. Winter usually lasts from the beginning of December to the start of March.

    Atyrau airport is quite small. Although many improvements have taken place during the last few years (a new runway has been opened, and the terminal building has been renovated) it is still far from the most comfortable airport to travel through. But at least with the new international arrival and departure halls it is no longer necessary to stand outside in -30C in the winter, or while trying to swat a host of mosquitoes trying to suck you dry in the summer, while waiting to check in for your flight to Amsterdam or Istanbul. And of course it is also very nice to not have to go outside to try to pick out your suitcase among 50 others in pitch black and freezing temperatures in the winter.

    However, immigration is still painfully slow and can be a trial for anyone's patience. But patience is the only thing that works and the best thing is just trying to put it down as one of those experiences that you hopefully will only have in Kazakhstan.

    The latest improvement at the airport is that it is now free Wi-Fi internet access available both in the waiting areas and in the departure lounge.

    Atyrau have few attractions that are worth going out of your way to see. However, if you find yourself with some free time on your hands then here are some suggestions for thigns to do:

    1. Walk across the bridge across the Ural river. The Ural river is considered the border between Europe and Asia and there are a few monuments to celebrate this fact at either end of the bridge.

    2. Go for a walk in Victory Park. This park is located close to the river in the Avantgard area of the city, about two km from the Renaissance Hotel. The park is poorly maintained and not that impressive. However, it may give you an idea of some of the tension that break-up of the Soviet union has created with respect to memorials honouring the fallen from the 2nd World War. There is also a small amusement park close to Victory Park, although I have never seen it open. So not sure if it is still in operation. A pedestrian bridge allows you to walk over to the park on the other side of the river (the Asian side).

    Both of the above walks are only recommended at day time in the spring or summer.
    Download Presentation PPT file -'s Oil Capital Atyrau.pptx
  • Avoid KIOSK TISSOT at MEGA Center [Eng/Ru] + UPDATE

    I have been looking to buy a new watch for a long time, I had two options, either Seiko or Tissot. I decided to go with Tissot because my father like the brand. Two days ago I went to a few a Tissot shops KIOSK, just walked around to see the price range as well as the collections. Today, while I was walking in MEGA Center I saw the KIOSK as shown below in the photo.

    Я искал новые часы долгое время. У меня было два варианта, либо Seiko или Tissot. Я решил пойти за часами Tissot, так как мой отец любит этот бренд. Два дня назад я обошел несколько магазинных киоск Tissot , просто прогуливаясь вокруг, чтобы увидеть диапазон цен и коллекцию. Сегодня когда я шел в МЕГА центре, я увидел киоск, как показано ниже на фото.

    I walked around a shop and a watch really caught my eyes. I asked the seller to show me the watch, and he got angry because I disturbed him from watching movies from a mobile phone. You won't believe what happened, he literally took the watch and threw it in front of me, Yes, he threw a 500.000Tenge watch in front of me, I asked him whether it was Automatic, the reply he said was ' if you can read, look at the watch' hmm then I carried on, then I asked him whether I can try the watch, he was getting angry whenever I opened my mouth, but then he agreed me to try on the watch .. the clasp of the watch was a bit different from what I am used to . I asked him to help me with the clasp , I asked him 3 times , then he replied ' If I do not know how to use the clasp of a Tissot watch ,You do no deserve a Tissot watch' but still I tried it on asked a few questions about the winding mechanism , he suddenly stopped speaking English , he said he will speak only in Kazakh because he is comfortable with that language and I can clearly see that he is not a native Kazakh. I am an expat living in Kazakhstan and he said these exact words ' you live in Kazakhstan , if you cannot speak Kazakh I cannot help you'. I quietly left the shop , then I went to 'SwissTime' and bought the watch as shown below.I recommend you not to visit this KIOSK TISSOT at MEGA Center , or be prepared for the worst customer service you will see in your life (also be fluent in Kazakh language :) )

    Я ходил вокруг магазина и часы действительно приглянулись мне. Я попросил продавца показать мне часы, и он рассердился, потому что я помешал ему от просмотра фильмов с мобильного телефона. Вы не поверите, что случилось, он буквально взял часы и бросил его передо мной. Да, он бросил 500.000 часы передо мной. Я спросил его, был ли он автоматическим, в ответ он сказал: " Был . Если вы умеете читать, посмотрите на часы." -Хмм, продолжил я, потом я спросил его, могу ли я примерить часы. Он становился злым, когда я начинал открывать рот, но потом он позволил мне примерить часы .. застежка часов отличалась немного от тех, которых я имел. Я попросил его помочь мне с застежкой, даже попросил его 3 раза, на что он ответил: «Если ты не знаешь, как использовать застежку от часов Tissot , ты не заслуживаешь часы Tissot", но все-таки я попытался спросить несколько вопросов о заводного механизма, как вдруг он остановился говорить по-английски. Он сказал, что будет говорить только на казахском, потому что ему комфортно на этом языке, и я ясно видел, что он не является родным носителем казахского языка.

    -Я эмигрант, живущий в Казахстане, на что он ответил: "Ты живешь в Казахстане, если ты не умеешь говорить по-казахски, я не могу тебе помочь." Я тихо вышел из магазина, затем я отправился в "SwissTime", чтобы купить часы, как показано ниже. Я рекомендую вам не посещать этот TISSOT бутик в Мега Центре, или быть готовыми к худшему обслуживанию клиентов в вашей жизни (также свободно владеть на казахском языке)


    UPDATE 15.10.2015

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