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What to do in Atyrau?

AmalekAmalek 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in - Atyrau / Атырау
Just arrived to Atyrau and don't know what to do?
Well, this article will be the ultimate guide to things to do in Atyrau.
1. Waterfront of the city
If you just want to see how the city looks in a whole, just go to the waterfront and walk.
At the evening, the night panorama of the city looks exciting, so you can make some memorable photos.
Sometimes, there are a lot of interesting events at the waterfront, like cycle races, festival of colors, music, exhibitions etc.
This is the night view from the waterfront.
2.Prefer extreme?Go to bumperball in Atyrau!
Bumperball in Atyrau - it is a new unusual type of sport.
You just need to reserve time by calling. You will get a lot of laugh,fun and adrenaline.
3. Visit local karting center.
In the countryside we have a big "Pit stop" karting center.
It is a must-visit place, if you come to Atyrau.
4. The roof of the Renco hotel
If you want to have quality time with friends and eat Italian cuisine, you should go to the Renco hotel and visit the "Le Palme" restaurant. The open air swimming pool with restaurant and bar facilities offers an ideal setting for guests of the city to cool down during the hot summers of Atyrau. The Disco Bar, located on the floor below the restaurant, offers a wide assortment of facilities to enjoy during the exciting parties, all night long.
5. Eating places
Also, if you want to eat something tasty, visit this places: Rucola restaurant, Booblic cafe, Armada steak-house, "У Гаджи" restaurant, Blackberry lounge-bar, Ai-Aru restaurant, "Petrushka" cafe, "Bayterek" restaurant. This places have a variety of tasty food and good service.
6. The White House area
You can just walk there or cycle, because there very beautiful view of the city
You will see a big memorial of the Sultan Beibarys, monument of Turkic inscriptions etc.
7. Dramatic theatre
Makhambet Utemissov Theater of Drama in Atyrau has a lot of good reviews. Every weekend they have different performances with diversity of topics. The Drama Theatre named after Makhambet Utemisov is situated in Abay str.8. In the theatrical season the doors of the theater are always open for residents and visitors wishing to touch the real art of the theater.
This was advices from Atyrau citizen. Come and enjoy! If you have questions about this places, ask me :)

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