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Kambash / Kyzylorda / The place that attracts millions of people

ZhuldyzayZhuldyzay 1 week - Alien
edited September 2015 in - Other Cities
Tourism is one of the important branch of world wide economy. With this country gets extra income and attracts foreign investors. Hence, developing this industry can improve not only economic but also social status. It impacts on the cultivation of the country. That’s why each country try to focus their attention on it.
Kazakhstan has large investment attractiveness in tourism . For instance, the nature of our country, includes a combination of boundless steppes, lakes and rivers, high mountains. Despite of that Kazakhstan cannot develop this cluster.

In this article I want to show the place, that nobody pays attention. This place is called Kambash. Kambash - the first tourist area in Kyzylorda region on the route of the international highway. The lake water is almost fresh and has unique healing properties. Among the top five cleanest lakes in the world, Kambash attracts a lot of tourists. For example, one of them who already has been in that place is citizen of Karaganda Gulnurm Kosekeeva. She has shared her impression: “We came from Karaganda and were in Kambash for the first time. Rest was wonderful. Water, air are excellent. If condition of that place would be as in Issyk-Kul, the number of travelers would be more”
As we can see in the picture, there are nothing except of these yurts. Therefore business people should contribute to the prosperity of this region by establishing new resort. If it will include apartments, wellness and entertainment complex, a clinic and sports grounds, swimming pool, stadium and gym, resort will have following advantages

• Available for ordinary people
• Not only for entertainment, but also for health care
• New work places
• Location is convenient
• Effect on the development of economy

It will be a vast discovery, that will increase our economy. It will attract not only our citizens, but also foreigners. By this wonderful place we will glorify Kazakhstan, which is a HEART of EURASIAN continent.



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