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Teaching in Kazakhstan

IranIran 1 year - Expatriate
I am interested in teaching in Kazakhstan. Please, if anyone could help me with some contact information, I would greatly appreciate it. I am an American ESL Certified Teacher with 13 years teaching experience, 3 in the Middle East and 10 in the US. I am able to teach ESL from Preschool - Adult Education.


  • aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
    You can target 3 schools ;

    2nd. KIS ( Kazakh International School )

    You can surf them on the web and apply for jobs/submit your CV.
  • aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
    You may also check Almaty International School. It is the most prefferable one for expats who live here. Management of the school consists of completely from American teachers.
  • aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
    The market is quite open & welcoming for native speakers with good credentials. The thing to start working on is paperwork: which entails having all your grad and undergrad degrees apostilled and verified. And getting letters from your previous employers to verify your work experience over the past five years, on school or university letterhead. It sounds like a big pain, but actually, a little organization will save lots of angst and time once you come to Kazakhstan. AND THIS IS A GREAT COUNTRY! It's a lovely place to work.

    You will also need a job offer from a university or school, which can be expedited by having your credentials ready to show. The Ministry of Education here likes to review credentials before issuing a work visa. Having one is infinitely useful!
  • WWD247WWD247 1 year - Expatriate
    Have you considered China? )))

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