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Gym near Mega Towers

Hi all! I am moving to Almaty in a month and plan to live in Mega Towers. I am searching for a good gym in the area (preferably a short walking distance). I have found Fitnation right across the street, but the sales team sent me the prices for membership cards and they seem unreasonably expensive (360 000) for a year membership, and now they don't even respond about short term memberships (1-3 months). Is this price normal for Almaty, and how do you cope with it? ;))

Are there, maybe, any other options in the area, and maybe someone can tell the prices? I am interested in the gym itself, preferably with a swimming pool. Group practices are optional.



  • aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
    edited October 2015
    360,000kzt is overpriced for Fitnation.
    You should better check World Class or Fidelity or Intercontinental Hotel Fitness.
    For Intercontinental and World Class I have conenctions and can help you with discounts if you are interested.
    World Class offers attractive and flexible pricing for different time schedules i.e between 20.00p.m- 24.p.m you can get an annual membership for 1000usd for 1 year. ( if this time schedule fits you )
  • aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
    gym memberships are overpriced here. Fitnation, World Class, Fidelity, Samal de Luxe (i think) are the biggest gyms in its full sense (with the swimming pool). But they come with a big price tag and a short-term membership is not a good bargain usually (vs to an annual one).

    There are smaller gyms too (no sw.pool) that offer short term memberships. Some of them are on sale too (, The catch here is the location.

    And if this is to your taste, there is a (licensed) crossfit, Crossfit BruteForce ( No swimming pool tho. The membership is a monthly one. A walking distance from Mega.

    Hope helps.
    Good luck!
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