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Foreigner stopped by a traffic officer in KZ

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in General
So, if you were stopped by a traffic officer, first, you should remember that according to article 21, part 3 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offences (hereinafter referred to be as RK CoAO), any person participating in the proceedings and not speaking the language of the proceedings or having insufficient knowledge of such language, shall be explained and provided with the right to make any statements, give explanations and evidence, submit applications, file complaints, get acquainted with the materials on the case, speak during the hearing in their native language or any other language they speak, and use interpreter’s/translator’s services free of charge. Moreover, according to article 21 part 5 of RK CoAO, any service documents to be served to the offender and complainant shall be translated in their native language or the language they speak.

Therefore, whatever offence is to be imposed on you, whether you committed it or not, you should write down with your own hand, “I don’t speak Russian. I need an interpreter.” in the field labelled Explanation on the record of evidence filled in by the police officer. And put your signature there. That’s it, after that you neither need to write anything more in other places on the record nor put your signature anywhere. You shouldn’t respond to any threats or demands of the police officer that you have to sign something. Youowenothingtoanybody! The police officer cannot make you sign anything. However, you may put anything on the report, sign anything you like, or even make a picture of a flower, if you like.

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