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Келинка Сабина 2 (Movie Review)

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
So in the last 3 years living in Kazakhstan, I have seen only two Kazakhs movies, the first one was romantic comedy ON ONA , and the second one was ultra comedy :) Келинка Сабина.I really enjoyed the movie Келинка Сабина because of the amazing talent of the actor Нуртас Адамбай .Even though I do not understand Kazakh / Russian Language, I was able to pick up the idea and comedy from the film for the whole time . The same goes with the new movie Келинка Сабина 2 .Me and Bayan saw this movie yesterday at Mega. You won’t be able to stop laughing for the whole movie and I would say it is one of the top comedy films I have even seen that truly shows the culture of a country in a comedy way where people won’t complain about it. The movie depicts the contrast between city and village life and difficulties in each one of them, but the movie was able to deliver solid comedy as well a few sentimental scenes, the viewers will go through a roller coaster of emotions.

Three words about the movie - Uplifting, heart-warming, hilarious...


As an amazing comedy, Келинка Сабина 2 wholeheartedly delivers the laughs. What deepens this into a tour de force, rests in the way Нуртас Адамбай subverts our expectations. He is a hero to be admired because he is so darn talented.

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