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Phone Service Information

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
Local calls
Landline numbers have six digits, and cellphones have seven digits. Local numbers do not require a prefix or a city code.
If you are calling from a landline, simply dial the last 6 digits of the phone number.

If you are using a cell phone, you must either dial 8 or +7 before the number. Example 8 701 999 4321 or +7 701 999 4321 (Kazakhstan still uses the same country code as Russia, +7, although this is supposed to change by 2020. So, on a mobile phone, you can also use +7 instead of "8" and likewise you may see either on your phone's caller ID screen.)

Here is what this all looks like:

>Landline to a landline: six digit number

>Landline to a cellphone: 8 + three digit cellphone carrier code + seven digit number

>Cellphone to a landline: 8 + city code (7172 in Astana) + six digit number

>Cellphone to a cellphone: 8 + three digit cellphone carrier code + seven digit number

International Calls
Dial for international access (8 10) + the country code + area/region code + local telephone number.

Calling Kazakhstan from abroad
Dial code for international access + Kazakhstan's country code (7) + Kazakhstan city code + Kazakhstan local phone number

Cell phones

Astana cell companies operate on a pre-paid system. A SIM card can be purchased providing a local cell number. As credit runs out, it can be replenished by purchasing more via electronic dispensers located throughout the city.


Find the dispensers (see photos) in supermarkets, convenience stores, apartment buildings, shopping malls.
No monthly billing plans exist in Kazakhstan at this time.

Cell phone providers

8 727 258 8000

8 727 350 0500


8 717 224 4007 ext. 5007
Has English language website and telephone support.

8 727 355 0707, 8 800 080 0707

Source - Astana International Club (AIC)

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