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First annual General Body meeting of InCham Kazakhstan

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
The first annual General Body meeting of InCham Kazakhstan was held on 07-02-2016 at the Ramada Hotel. The meeting saw a large attendance by the Indian community. Mr. Abdul Moktadir welcomed the gathering. Mr. Naveen Kapur, ROI, Almaty was the Chief guest. The Interim President Mr. Seshadri Sundaram in his opening remarks highlighted the activities of InCham. This was followed by discussion as well as suggestions from the members on the future plans of the organization.

After lunch, the democratic process of elections were conducted. This was the first time that the Indian community voted their choice of leaders of InCham for the year 2016. An election committee was constituted with Mr. Naveen Kapur and Mr. Sanjay Gupta as the returning officers. 71 members cast their votes.
The following were elected as the office bearers of InCham

1. Mr. Seshadri Sundaram : President
2. Dr. Tarachand Nehra: Vice President
3. Mr. Abdul Moktadir: General Secretary
4. Mr. Dillip Kumar Agasti: Joint Secretary
5. Mr. Pritesh Shah: Treasurer
6. Dr. Mohd Suhel: Auditor

It was decided that the executive committee will be constituted on a later date on the basis of suggestions/ recommendation by the office bearers.

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