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Visa Run _ Talas border - KZ/KG

EugenetteEugenette 1 year - Expatriate
On Monday, I had to do a visa run. Decided to go to the TALAS border and come back. Because I was one day late leaving the country, I had to visit the immigration police in Taraz before going to the border... they were super helpful... here are a few things I learned....
1. If you can avoid immigration police (registration) in Shymkent, do so... Taraz immigration police is helpful and polite (unlike Shymkent immigration police)
2. If you have not exceeded your overstay by more than 3 days, you can go to immigration police and ask for an extension long enough to allow you to leave the country without paying a fine (or bribe). It takes a few hours but well worth it.
3. Canada now has 15 days visa free entry to KZ... yippie! (maybe, still unable to confirm with the 'official' channels, but it must be coming soon for them to be confused at the border :-) )


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