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Museum of Dinmukhamed Kunaev in Almaty

Dinmukhamed Kunaev was and still remain one of great and remarkable person in history of Kazakhstan. He was a first secretary of Central Comunistic batch for the priod from 1964 till 1986. Many factories, buildings and sightseeings which we can observe today and even cities were built under his control. Dinmukhamed Kunaev really worried about how to make lives of citizen of Kazakhstan better.
He lived in the center of Almaty near the KBTU.
Last year , me and my friends(also KBTU students ) decided to go to the museum of Dinmukhamed Kunaev. When we entered the museum and guide asked about reasons for coming, she was very surprised, because we went there just to recognize how head of our country lived. Guide told us that in majority cases, students visit this museum when it is neccessary for university, not for their personal interest. So i think that we should know more about our famous people before knowing Hollywood stars or famous people abroad. So let's open new era - era of learning our native heroes!
Here are my personal pictures from that visit museum (it was actually house where D.Kunaev lived with his wife ).


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