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Looking for a group to join Russian Class in Astana

Hi, I know little bit of Russian and want to learn it further. I contacted few institutes and they informed that the fee for one to one class will be 28000 KZT for 12 classes. Each class will be of 1 hour (60 minutes) and there will be three classes per week.

They also have other options like: two students in a group costing 24000 KZT and 4 students in a group costs 14000 KZT. Each class will be of 60 minutes and total 12 hours.

Naturally, from the cost perspective and from the point of having interactive class, I prefer to join a class in a group of 4 costing 14000 KZT for 12 hours. Is there anyone out there looking for similar environment to learn?

PS. I've already studied for 4 months and know little bit of Russian. So, if you also already know a little bit and if interested, please let me know.
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