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Pros and Cons for Permanent Residency in Kazakhstan

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in Visas & Embassy
Pros ++

-Can buy an apartment as private person
-Can buy land as private person and avoid personal income taxes when selling ИЖС
-Can register a business in your own name
-The new business can have the total tax of 3% of revenue (for small business)
-Can travel in and out of KZ without any Visa (Until the validity of the passport)
-Can start a joint business with Kazakh citizens
-Can take a loan from Bank
-Can change job or companies as you wish (not locked into a company like work visa)
-Can work with multiple companies at the same time (if not against the contract)
-Will have pension.
-Can buy things like electronics , equipments , car etc on installment basis.
-You can claim your social security payment when leaving the country.
-You’re able to travel domestically with ВНЖ-card.
-No need to carry around Passport and related documents all the time , a Pink card will be issues which will be easy to carry and can be replaced easy if lost (imagine losing your passport).

Cons --

-Tax will become almost 21% of your salary for work permit,if u have permanent resident card then appox 31% (including cost of pension fund in case 11. / 13. in Pros)
-Can’t drive car registered in foreign country (read KGBH starting Kyrgyz-numbers)
-Owning/working for Kazakh company means that all deals should be done in KZT.
-You will be considered resident of Kazakhstan, as long as you have it.
-ВНЖ-card will be card until end of your passport validity, after which you need to renew the card - process is easy when comparing to first getting it.
-Getting the ВНЖ-card is rather corrupt, so be ready to splurge about 2K - 5K USD for it

Special Thanks to
Michael Kyllönen

How to get Permanent Residence in Kazakhstan?



  • MarzhanMarzhan 1 year - Expatriate
    did not know that the tax for permanent residency is so high - very informative for people from abtoad when deciding to work here or not;)
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