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Article about Atyrau

So, in this article I am going to tell about my hometown, Atyrau. Hope that it will be useful and interesting information for all of you. Even if you have been to Atyrau or was living here for some time, I suppose that you will find something new for yourself. Because time does not stay at the same place and we live in the century of business, information technologies and great opportunities. First of all, it is necessary to notice that Atyrau is the oil capital of our Independent Kazakhstan!
I was born and living it this city for 17 years so I know every corner of it. I will try to describe everything by easy words from my own experiment and avoid using formal and boring information, which everyone can find on the Internet in five minutes.
Atyrau (together with Aktau) is Kazakhstan's main harbour city on the Caspian Sea at the delta of the Ural River. Atyrau city is approximately 20 meters below sea level. The city is considered to be located both in Asia and Europe, as it is divided by the Ural River.
Actually, Atyrau is a workplace. If you want to find perspective work with middle or high salary , welcome! However, it is incredibly important to be a professional in your work area , be mentally strong and remember about competition. Honestly, in my humble opinion, absolutely every our day is a competition. Success is a hard nut to crack. We have to be better today than yesterday. Otherwise, where is your self-development and what is the meaning of your life? Consequently, Atyrau is quiet a good place for people who want to “grow” and to do, try and get from life as much as it is possible.
There is nothing and nobody perfect. There are not exclusions. Thus, our oil capital has got disadvantages along with numerous advantages. It is impossible to calculate pros and cons accurately because different people have got different views. Also you, a reader of my article, can agree and disagree with me. There are people who have visited Atyrau and there are those who have not yet. And maybe some of you will have a desire to visit this city after reading an article, who knows?! For example, I really dislike the climate and weather in Atyrau. Too hard. There are two main conditions: very-very exhausting hot summer and very-very cold winter. Spring and autumn are not especially noticeable.
If Atyrau is a perfect place for employers, I can not say the same about education and students, unfortunately. But I mentioned sensible changes in a good way this year. Two city universities have started cooperation with foreign universities, mostly the USA and Russian Federation. This is a big step forward which can open new doors, even moreover, the world of cool chances and ways for development for expanding personality horizons, is not it?
The population is different. Undoubtedly, mostly these are Kazakhs. Then Russians, Koreans etc. Many nationalities live here. The tolerance is irreplaceable. As you perhaps see, knowing foreign languages, especially English, is much convenient for communication and, of course, for work.
And my next words maybe will become as a disappointment for young like. Because, city life is not very exciting light funny and emotional like in other Kazakhstan towns. But, do not upset, maybe you will become as a fire and will bring the second breath. I think, it does not sound impossibly. Actually, everything depends directly on you. If you have got a good positive mood so the life and people will answer you same, am I right or wrong?
In conclusion, I want to advice to all just to visit Atyrau one time and see it by yourself. Generally, also always go towards unexplored and new. Never be afraid. Anyway you will be encouraged, I am sure. Only be ready to our climate.


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