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Foreigners' Registration with Migration Police

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in Visas & Embassy
The rules for registration in Kazakhstan for immigrants and visitors are pretty clear. If you are going to stay in Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) for more than five (5) days, you must register with local Migration Police/Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Formerly Known as the Office of the Visa and Registration or "OVIR") .

The day of your arrival, irrespective of the time of arrival, will be the first day of your arrival in Kazakhstan. So, the date of Arrival Stamp on your Passport/Visa will be the first day of stay in Kazakhstan. So, calculate yourself if you are going to stay for more than 5 days in Kazakhstan. If such stay in Kazakhstan is going to be more than 5 days, you MUST register with Local Migration Police. Also, note that the registration with Migration Police must be done within 5 days of arrival into Kazakhstan. If there is a public holiday within 5 days, they will be included inside 5 days. That means if you reached Kazakhstan at 11.30 PM on Friday Night, and if you go to register on Monday, it will be your 4th day of stay. Failure to register within 5 days will attract penalty.

In which Migration Police should you get registered?

If you have come to Kazakhstan under Private Visa (G1, G2, G3, G4), you have to register with the same migration police from where your friend/spouse had obtained Letter of Invitation (LOI) to you. So, it does not matter from which border point you make your entry. You must go to the place from where your LOI was obtained.

If you are under Tourist Visa (F1), in that case too, you must register with a migration police having jurisdiction over the tour or travel agents who had sent you the LOI for touristic purposes.


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