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Musical Instruments Museum: Don't Miss This!

This museum was a very pleasant surprise. It's located in a rustic building in Panikov park near the city center. Inside is an incredible collection of musical instruments from Kazakhstan and virtually every other country in central Asia. Unfortunately there is no information in English, but the exhibits are fascinating nonetheless. The most interesting feature of my visit, however, was a concert played for me by one of the guides. An accomplished musician, she played and sang for almost a half hour on a variety of instruments for a modest fee of about $10. Unfortunately she had only a few words of English or German and narrated her concert in Russian, but it was a wonderful and uplifting experience all the same.

The only drawback was that I purchased a CD that I thought would be the instruments she played but turned out to be a rather old recording of a folk orchestra., but this is more the fault of my lack of Russian than deliberate deception. In any case, I'd recommend skipping the CD, but the mini-concert was really a highlight of my visit .


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