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Karaganda Sary-Arka Airport

Karaganda Sary-Arka Airport is one of the biggest in the Central Asia. Known as the Air Gateway to the Karaganda region, the airport is situated 22 km (3.5 miles) to the southeast from Karaganda and 200 km (120 miles) from Astana, Kazakhstan’s new capital.

The aerial road via Karaganda "Sary-Arka" Airport is one of the intercontinental air routes serviced by both Lufthansa and Air Kazakhstan. It is one of more comfortable and economically of the aerial intercontinental advantageous messages, that the position conditions geographical Kazakhstan and, in particular Karaganda - to the crossing of the transportation ways between Europe, Asia Of the southeast, and the Extreme Orient. Karaganda is also accessible from Moscow and Almaty by train as well.


  • ZhumaZhuma 6 months - Foreigner
    From my point of view, Sary Arka airport is not so astonishing, their service doesn't satisfy, and in contrast with other airports, I would say it's like railway station
  • AcielAciel 1 year - Expatriate
    As my friend from Karaganda told this airport is well equipped and that is why he always wants to go back!
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