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East Kazakhstan

Welcome to the East Kazakhstan!

If you are dreaming of discovering new places and ways, go to the East Kazakhstan. During one trip you can see all kinds of landscape and climate in Asia an Siberia. You can visit desert and taiga. You will collect rare minerals and stones and fish in the ancient lake of Asia- Zaisan. Or maybe you are dreaming about skiing in the snowy forest or about cycling along the path of the nomads?
Being situated on the junction of the borders this mysterious and wonderful country is clean and inaccessible due to its political and geographic position. A beauty Beluha is smiling at her gently. From the space it seems to be a flower, left in the middle of the Eurasian continent. There is kind of a mystery in this planet rose whose petals like the rays of the sun shining to Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia as if they were calling up people to unite. Everybody who wants to learn this virginal land will feel the approaching of the miracle from the first meet.
Visit once the country of the celestial mountains, of healing Rahman springs, of exotic luxury in Markakol and of Mysterious cedars and larches. Make a tour on the horse up to the sky, wash your face with morning dew and drink some kumys in the yurt. Travel about Markakol, Altai, Kulugun, Tarbagatai and Karatal national parks. Look at the unique monument of the North-East Zaisan- the clais of Kiin Kerish often called the eights miracle of the world. Listen to the ringing silence in the town of the giant stone sculptures at the sources of Berel. Admire glass sheaves of waterfalls. This entire splendor pours a spiritual energy, a feeling of admiration and excitement for a beauty of the Earth.


  • AcielAciel 1 year - Expatriate
    I am from East of Kazakhstan and very proud of our lands! Pure nature! :x :x :x There is an unbelievable forest in Semey city! Must visit!
  • MarzhanMarzhan 1 year - Expatriate
    Every city amazes me again and again. So many beautiful places in Kazkhstan , we should thankful to Mother Nature for such gift!
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