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26 years ago the Kazakh was declared a state language.

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
A remarkable event took place 26 years ago – on September 22, 1989 the Kazakh language was declared a state language of Kazakhstan, reports. The Russian language was given the status of “an inter-ethnic language”.

Later the RoK Constitution defined that the ”the Russian language may be used officially on an equal basis with Kazakh.
In accordance with a Presidential Decree every third Sunday of September is marked as the Day of languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan. The holiday was timed to the law "On languages" approved in Kazakhstan 25 years ago.

Currently along with the Kazakh language in Kazakhstan's schools children are taught more than 10 national languages of peoples living in our country.

Kazakh is a Turkic language of the Kypchak group (along with Nogai, Karakalpak, Karachai-Balkar, Koumyk, Karaim, Krimean-Tatar, Karagash, Tatar, Bashkir). Together with Nogai, Karakalpak and Karagash languages the Kazakh language represents Kypchak-Nagai branch.

Kazakh is the official language of Kazakhstan. Also it is spoken as a minority language in Russia, China, Mongolia and some other neighbouring countries of Kazakhstan.

Be that as it may, it is not the only official language of Kazakhstan. It is a well-known fact that almost every Kazakh speaks Russian. And even in the large cities like the capital Astana and Almaty, Russian predominates over Kazakh.

The Soviet Socialist Republics Union is to be blamed for that. They had regulations to embed the Russian language to be the primary language of all nations residing within the borders of it. The soviet era was ended in 1991. But the effects of it still to be found in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh has survived that era with scars that can still be observed in spoken and written language. Kazakh has many Russian words. Especially in technical areas etc. And also it is written with a standardised cyrillic alphabet for it.
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