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Saraishyk - most ancient monuments of Kazakhstan

ana_ixana_ix 1 day - Outsider
edited October 2015 in - Atyrau / Атырау
Saraishyk – one of the most ancient monuments of Kazakhstan. The ruins of the ancient city Saraishyk are situated in 40 kilometers from Atyrau. Saraishyk located on the Silk Road and was considered one of the important centers of the Golden Horde.
Into complex structure have entered:
1. Khan's pantheon. The architect former is Akim of Atyrau region Imangali Tasmaganbetov. Height is 17 metres. Between the walls there is the monument to the seven khans buried in the Saraishyk. On the black marble written names of the khans and the dates of their rule.
• Munch Temir (1266-1282)
• Toktagu (Тokty) (1291-1312)
• Zhanibek (1343-1353)
• Amir Ohas (14.,-1447)
• Kasym the khan (1511-1518)
• Shih Mamaj (1542-1549)
• Zhusip the Khan (1549-1554)
2. A mosque (internal, appearance). The length of a mosque is 13 metres, width is 6,5 metres. Inside the mosque is fully equipped, the mihrab and minbar are set. There is a library, where, along with the Koran, there are other religious books. Every Friday is held here Friday prayers. The mosque established technical means to evangelism.
3. A museum
The museum features exhibits of historical value. They were found during archaeological excavations. Saraishyk developed model of the city in the XIV century. There is also a model of XIV century`s Saraishyk.


  • MarzhanMarzhan 1 year - Expatriate
    West kazakhstan is so rich for such ancient monuments) The second photo is really scaring , do not know there are saved such things
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