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How promote the Tourism business in Kazakhstan

Alikhan2Alikhan2 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in General
First of all,There are a lot of countries, where tourists usually travel and relax, like Turkey, US, UK, UAE, China etc, but we can open company based on tourism inside of our country. Tons of people around the world do not have a clue about existence of our huge country Kazakhstan. For that reason we should create this kind of tourism in order to make our country well-known and popular in sphere of tourism and to develop our country in a good way.

Secondly, Kazakhstan have very beautiful places where foreign tourist can have rest, such us: Shymbulak mountains, Medeo ice rink, Big Almaty lake,The park of the first President ,Charyn Canyon in Almaty and Bayterek, Khan Shatyr,Presidential Park etc. in Astana and Borovoe Kokhsetav. It's only three cities which i listed. We the biggest lake Caspi , so all called it Caspian sea. In brief, they are a lot of goals and objectives which we can reach when we will open such company, for example,develop and bring a good benefit about Kazakhstan by tourism, illustrate the beauties of our country, promote tourism business in Kazakhstan,make a trip to our country easy for foreigners, raise economy for high level

It's picture of stars over Western Kazakhstan.

Thanks for attention!


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