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Future of the Kazakhstan

bgulbahytbgulbahyt 1 day - Outsider
edited October 2015 in - Astana / Астана
Future of the Kazakhstan.

My name is Gulbahyt and I am studying at Kazakh British Technical University. I have never been in Astana before, thus when I saw it I was shocked with its magnificent buildings and infrastructure. The image below illustrates one of the best skyscrapers in Astana – Northern Star, Kazakhstan Railroads tower.1 Moreover, it is in Astana, where you can find the most advanced and modern university in the Kazakhstan. This university embodies Kazakhstan’s potential to become one of top 30 countries.

Extremely increasing population

“The population of Astana increased by over 20,000 people in January-June 2014 to reach 835,153 people,” - the administration of the capital said on Tuesday press release.2 Population of the city has grown significantly. It seems that the major reasons for such an increase are: urbanization and flow of students coming from all parts of the country. First of all, people are moving here from different cities because of economic reasons; here everybody can find a job. This city is attracting people with its beautiful skyscrapers and cleanness. I think living in Astana is much easier than in other places. In addition, in this city you feel safe e.g. you can walk through streets all night, even when you are alone because Astana have extremely low level of a crime than the other cities of the Kazakhstan.
However, city has also a lot of emigrants from foreign countries which came here with different purposes. For instance, in our universities we have numerous percentages of professors from abroad. Additionally, we are inviting well qualified employees who help in development of our country.
(Here you can see the map)3.

Some drawbacks

Every big city possesses some problems since it is impossible to control everything in such big region. The main issues in Astana are traffic jams and constant road accidents. Moreover, the climate of this city is not appealing to everyone: an extreme warm summer and elongated cold winters. I recommend visiting Astana in summer period.

Why Astana is the future of the Kazakhstan?

Astana is the fastest growing city. Economics, infrastructure, architecture and of course education are heavily promoted here. Additionally, until 2017 it is planned to erect an EXPO exhibition center which aims to reveal all inventions in sustainable green energy technology; and I hope this will further Astana’s prestige. Lastly, I very pleased with this city and glad to be here yearly.
“Astana – personification of a new, dynamically developing Kazakhstan, a symbol of renewal, a symbol of independence of our Republic!” (Nursultan Nazarbayev)4.



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