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Public Transport in Almaty

ainurabainurab 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in - Almaty / Алматы
As we live in one of the biggest cities in our country there are lots of traffic jams on the street. To get somewhere as quickly as possible it is not effective to go on foot always and catching taxi is really expensive. So there are many types of transport for you as trams, subway, trolleybuses and buses.
There are only 2 types of trams to catch- 4th and 6th. If you want to get somewhere in latitude without any squeezes trams are best solution for you. Also, there are not any traffic jam for them because we have special tramlines in the center of streets. But if you do not catch the previous , you will have to wait next for 20 or even 45 minutes! That’s why I do not like them. In my opinion, they are more suitable for pensioners, who are not often in a hurry.
Usually most of the people catch buses and trolleybuses because there are incredibly huge amount of them. Also, of course it is the cheapest way of getting somewhere ! Only 80 tg for one path. On the other hand, the worst thing about them is that you have to stay in a crowded and noisy place for 1 or 2 hours . They have many chairs , but if you are under 30, don’t dream that you will have one of them. Drivers carry people until the bus is completely full. In the end you get down the bus totally exhausted.
For me the best type of transport is subways ! You do not have to wait for a long time and they are not often as crowded as buses. You will be in time to you work, house or etc. Nowadays we have only 9 stations : Raiymbek batyr, Zhybek zholy, Almaly, Abaya, Baikonyr, Theatre named by Mukhtar Aueziv, Alatau, Sairan and Moscow . All of them designed with Kazakh ornaments . I like them because when you are underground you do not hear the noise of the city and at least you can read your book or magazine , which is impossible in the bus .I wish that in the future , government will build it throughout the city.


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