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Grounds for Visa Denial

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
A visa recipient is denied to issue a visa:
1) in the interests of national security, protection of public order and (or) public health;
2) if his/her actions are aimed at forcible change of the constitutional order;
3) if he/she acts against the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, calls for the violation of the unity and integrity of its territory;
4) if it stirs up the interstate, ethnic and religious strife;
5) if it is necessary to protect the legitimate rights and interests of nationals of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other persons;
6) if the facts of infringement of the legislation on the legal status of foreigners by a visa recipient were revealed during his/her a previous stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
7) if at application for entry, he/she reported false information or failed to provide a complete set of documents required by these Rules;
8) if he/she is convicted of terrorist activities, or adjudged as a dangerous recidivist;
9) if he/she failed to submit a confirmation on availability of funds necessary to stay in and exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan, except for repatriates, persons who was born or earlier was a national of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and members of their families;
10) in failure to comply with conditions for obtaining of a visa as provided for in these Rules.
112. Reasons for visa denial to a visa applicant are not explained. The RoK foreign establishments shall inform the RoK MFA about the fact of visa denial specifying the reasons for denial.
113. Persons previously deported from the Republic of Kazakhstan shall not be permitted to entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan for 5 years from the date of the court’s decision on deportation.
114. A visa recipient is denied to issue a visa to exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan:
1) i there are grounds for bringing him/her to criminal responsibility – until the end of proceedings;
2) if a foreigner is convicted of a crime – until serving punishment or relief from punishment;
3) if a foreigner refuses to perform the obligations imposed on by the court – until the fulfilment of obligations.
115. Exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan of a visa recipient is delayed until the enforcement of his/her estate liabilities, which are associated with material interests of the nationals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other individuals and legal entities.


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