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Traffic jam in Almaty

MagzhanMagzhan 1 week - Alien
edited October 2015 in - Almaty / Алматы
One of the main problems of Almaty is traffic jams , because every second dweller has its own car and there are more than 2 million people at all . Traffics jams are usually at peak hours,namely from 7am to 10 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm.People are always hurrying on the way to job.Furthermore,it would be better not to walk on the large roads .

If someone need to go home by Abay street,I recommend him to use a metro or bus,because there is a special road for buses only which made by government .It is useful to read books if there is a long term traffic jam on the road . There is a special app,named 2Gis which show a valid information about your location and Almaty's layout. It is even shows where are the traffic jams on the streets and the shortest way to place you want to go .It is the most helpful app for Almaty citizens and people who do not know the city.



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