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The cost of living in different cities of Kazakhstan.

e_sagidullae_sagidulla 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in Cost of living
In this article, I want to describe the cost of living in some cities of KZ, I hope it will help someone to make a best choice where to live. First of all, let’s begin from leaders of highest cost of living and try to find the reason.

Aktau: Due to the fact, that Aktau is the oil and gas centre of KZ, this city has the highest standard of living in country. There are various kinds of products and services with maximum price. Inhabitants of this city have to deal with expensive rent and utilities.

Aktobe: The prices of cinema tickets in this city are too high. But the fruits are cheap enough, because of the location of city. People of Aktobe are lucky with the paying for gas, it’s almost 2,5 times cheaper than standard.

Atyrau: The price for milk foods in this city is the maximum in country. Although city locates near the Zhaiyk river, price of salt fish is also maximum. But the most important thing is medical service, just reception to doctor will cost for patient 2400 tenge.

Pavlodar: This is the coldest city of KZ. Nonetheless, the heating of the flat and houses are cheap enough. A lot of products have low price, but the bread in this city is very expensive.
That was the cities, that stand out from other countries with the prices to rent, what is important for foreigners, products and medical services.

Astana: Be ready, that everything is expensive.

Almaty: Almost the same as Astana, products and services are very expensive. But price for rent in this city is maximum in Kazakhstan.

If you want to visit city without big expenses and enjoy beautiful places, this cities for you:
Petropavlovsk, Shymkent, Taraz. This cities proud of the lowest prices for products and services and rent for flat. Also you can visit beautiful places outside of town.

Thank you for attention, visit all the cities of Kazakhstan! =)


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