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AcielAciel 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in - Other Cities
The pride and symbol of Kazakhstan - the suspension bridge over the Irtysh River - the city budget can't afford. It took ten years to realize such a disturbing financial reality. During this time the bridge had ordered "user base and Islamizes". Such bridges, like two of Semey city, are in the world's only 17 and none in the CIS. Its construction at the end of the last century and commissioning became a real holiday for the citizens - the old two-lane crossing could not cope with the increasing flow of traffic and urgently require repair. And then next door was built the present bridge machine, designed and built by advanced Japanese, more than a kilometer long, a width of 22 meters, instead of six lanes. The bridge stood without any problems for seven years.

Guests and opened the city fathers "the secret", that is, for the maintenance and content of such structures are usually created a special organization and a separate budget. In the summer of that year in Semey quickly opened the state, municipal enterprise on the operation of the suspension bridge. But the budget did not happen quickly, as Families and without, that is always in financial deficit. In the maintenance of the bridge began to deviate from three to eight million Tenge, but in practice they require hundreds of times more. And what there is, is barely enough to patching, surface cracks of the road surface of the bridge and the repair of the separation structures.

And this year, the asphalt on the suspension bridge looks very deplorably long-term absence of the owner and characteristics of climate have done their destructive business. Now it will not pass through it with a breeze without fear of breaking the suspension of a car - here and there on all six lanes of gaping potholes and dips.

Pathetic crossing lost their status as the smooth roads in Semey and looks like all the city highways after the winter, broken and pathetic. What is the state of internal components of the bridge and its supporting cables, even afraid to imagine. For ten years the inside has never been examined. And such specialists in the city, it is necessary for Japan to write - and this is again millions. Deputies of the city see just the official recognition of Semey suspension bridge is a strategic object and transfer it to the balance of the Republican or regional budget. Apparently, it has become a common pride and a headache.



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