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Semey - My hometown!

AcielAciel 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in - Other Cities
Lying on both banks of the Irtysh, Semipalatinsk, or in Kazakh Families, is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the country - so consider not only biased locals, but also unbiased domestic and foreign guests "spiritual capital" of Kazakhstan. One third of the city is Zhana-Semey (in Kazakh, the new Semipalatinsk) - the left part, crossed by several bridges, from the right Bank of the Irtysh.

Words cannot Express the beauty of the city, where the past and the present, intricately combine to create its unique look. Broad avenues and quiet old streets, high-rise buildings, neat mansions, gleaming glass and metal offices of numerous firms and monuments of old architecture, elegant buildings in a Villa suburb, which soars skyward fountains, numerous parks and gardens, the abundance and diversity of transport, cafe music night, evening the ringing Church bells and the singing of muezzins in the morning is a portrait of modern Semipalatinsk.

Located at the intersection of strategic, rail, road, water and air transport arteries, the city has always been and still remains an important part of international trade. Already in the mid-nineteenth century due to its geographical position on the vastness of Commerce, he was one of the leading cities of Kazakhstan. Day and night crossing Semipalatinsk, rushing trains and caravans, go court on the Irtysh, life never stops at the international airport, capable to accept any types of planes from different corners of the globe. There is a brisk trade today. The city has many modern shopping centers and supermarkets, cozy boutiques and old-fashioned stalls where you can buy national Souvenirs, high-quality, modern, and most importantly inexpensive local products that will help to retain pleasant memories of our city and goods from all over the world. Very picturesque Oriental colorful bazaars of Semipalatinsk, where people sell their goods not only local traders, but also trade people from China, Central Asia and Russia. They are invariably visited by numerous guests of the city.
The city is permeated with spirituality. It is home to many prominent figures of literature, art and science. This land gave birth to the great poet and thinker, the national pride of Kazakhstan - Abay, a prominent philosopher Shakarim Kudaiberdiev, masters of world literature Mukhtar Auezov, a consummate singer - improviser Amre kashaubayev, fascinated the Paris.

In Semipalatinsk several years he lived and worked great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Here was born his friendship with the outstanding Kazakh scientist Shokan Ualikhanov. In Semipalatinsk also studied, lived and worked first President of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan academician Kanysh Satpayev, academician Alkey Margulan, well-known writers Vsevolod Ivanov, Nikolay Anov, Galina Serebriakova, poets, Sabit Donentaev, Sultanmakhmud Toraigyrov, researcher - researcher Abay qayyum Muhammedcanov, artists Bibigul Tulegenova, Rosa Rymbaeva, Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev Bari Alibasov and many others. Semipalatinsk was anciently of interest for researchers around the world. In our city was visited by Przhevalsky, Potanin, Semenov-Tien Shan, George Kennan, and many others.

There were political exiles, who have made great contribution to development of spirituality of the region - Michaelis, R., gross, Lobanovsky, they often talked Abay.

The current appearance of the city has a number of interesting architectural structures. The first is a unique ensemble of the Central Square, named after Abai, which determines snow-white, like a fairy fortress the building of the eponymous theatre, built high-rise buildings the avenues of Shakarim and Auezov - the main highway connecting both parts of the city. We can not say about the youth Palace, the House of trade unions, the wedding Palace, buildings of the state archive, river and air terminals, hotels "BINAR", "Tourist" and "Irtysh", from which opens a wonderful panorama of the Central part of the city and zhanasemeiski buildings (left Bank).

A striking landmark in the city has a new suspension bridge over the Irtysh river. He is the only one in the CIS and 17th suspension bridge in the world. Namely, this design only three. General reconstruction connected with its construction has touched many corners of the city.


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