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Too young princess

AktorgynAktorgyn 1 month - Outlander
edited October 2015 in KZ Culture & Traditions
Kazakhstan is 9th largest country in the world. Enormous territory has many untouched and undiscovered places. Nevertheless, archeologists hope for the best and not in vain. Interesting findings of archeologists from Karaganda couldn’t be passed unheeded. In 250 km far away from central province in saks’ burial mound (hill where died man buried) discovered a gold torc (jewel for woman’s neck).For today, there are three such kind of attributes on the territory of our country. Present one is the first in central Kazakhstan.

After diligent investigation scientist came to the conclusion that several hundreds gram of gold was belonged to the 10 years old girl. According to introductory figures, there was very rich princess in the VI-VII centuries BC. She was followed to her grave with her full ladies’ set – bronze mirror and jar for mascara.

All this things was folded into the leather beautician. Remains of what was saved until these days. The most interesting question will be that the torc and earrings were not on the neck and ears. They just putted in a small bag. A conundrum should be unraveled.

Arman Beisenov, archeologists:
-Doubtless, women were privileged. It was free estate. Exactly. Our women always were horsewomen, they participated in the campaigns, wars. So, ancient finds confirm this to us. Would a man .. No, it is a ten-year girl, and even she had such attentions.

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