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Building relationships - Kazakh Words

AidiAidi 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in Moving to KZ ?
Welcome to Almaty, dear friends!!! As you know, Almaty is an one of the biggest city in Kazakhstan. Of course, there are many foreigners as You. And sometimes they have some misunderstandings ( I mean problems with communicating). So… Today I would like to help with Building relationships with citizens` of Almaty.

At first time, you should be always respectful and short-spoken.
Secondly, you should learn and remember some phrases which will help you in any situation.
•Кешір, братан (Keshyr, bratan ) or Без обид, братан ( Bez obid, bratan )when you hit somebody by accidently or when you are confused ;
•Не понял ( Ne ponyal) when you cannot understand the person;
•Рахмет, брат ( Rakhmet, brat) you say thank somebody;
Finally, in any situation you may use the word Братан (Bratan).
And do not worry))) because our Kazakh people are incredibly hospitable)) Have a nice trip)))


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