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5 places of Shymkent with a unique interior and delicious menu

AynuraabAynuraab 1 week - Alien
edited October 2015 in - Shymkent / Шымкент
1.Karaoke – bar ”JIMMY,SING !” - a place for those who like to sing, dance and be merry. Interior is fully creates conditions for this. Hall is divided into several zones specifically to a group of friends could retire and spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere. The latest karaoke system and a talented sound engineer to help you feel like a star and cause extreme approval of the audience. In addition to the music program at the karaoke club «Jimmy, Sing " offers to try the world's best cocktails ( both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ) and eat before the show European dishes from the chef.
2.The restaurant " Afrasiab " is built in the image of the Khan's palace and designed in oriental style :
- Carved doors and columns, skillfully made by skilful hands of hardworking craftsmen.
- White Hall - sustained in the palace style with modern elements and patterns that complement the feeling of a rich ancient decoration.
-Wizards kitchen of the restaurant provide delicious and traditional dishes : fragrant and charming for its taste "Plov", a traditional Eastern cake school " samsa " with a crispy golden crust .
3.Cafe GARAGE - a meeting place for real friends! "Soviet cuisine" - a special cooking area is still very popular, and therefore in all its small range is presented in a cafe GARAGE. At first you can enjoy classic "Solyanka" or "Shee", the second - home-made sausages and canned meat brand, which is prepared by a special recipe and I must say, very tasty.
In general, this is the best place to remember the old days in the company of close friends.
4. GOLDEN CAVALLI CLUB - the epitome of luxury and impeccable service.It was created in the framework of the design concept of the famous fashion designer , including elements in the style of coloring a leopard and zebra , creating a truly fashionable club.
The club is divided into 5 areas :
Retro -room
chambers padishah
east Hall
Menu Golden Cavalli is also very flexible. It contains the best dishes of European, Asian , including Chinese and Japanese cuisine . All menus are formed from the favorite dishes of international pop stars , sports , fashion and politics. Perhaps that is why there are so fond of foreigners to visit .
5.BarVilla- unique restaurant of park kitchen. In this restaurant you can order anything cooked on an open fire : the grill , barbecue, homemade sausages , kebabs . This is the kitchen, which we used to pamper yourself leaving with friends and family on nature.Dishes are prepared by the professional – a brand chief from Canada George Lintonnovak who showed 20 years the skill in top tens restaurants of the world. It is important to say about the service - it is the highest level.Restaurant «BarVilla» democratic throughout - from the casual " non-urban " atmosphere and ending the prices on the menu.
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