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Top 3 Make-up Artists In Almaty

SauleSaule 1 week - Alien
edited February 2016 in Top 5 / 10
The list of the best make-up artists is based on the clients' reviews.
1. Victoria Voitan, make-up artist (make-up, hairstyle), tel.: +77013903062;
intagram: @voitan

Hellohowareyou: "I was very worried about my make-up and hairstyle, especially first tima, as I have very oily skin with traces of acne. Makeup that Victoria made for me , lasted from 7 am until late night, despite that registration and the photo shoot was in the open air in at +35C, at a wedding I was constantly hugging, kissing, I even was crying in the most touching moments. I didn`t want clean anything two days as skin looked absolutely healthy and even once had only wet wipes matting. Hairstyles was perfect until the end as well.

I often read that she does not respond, conceited, etc. This is not true. She just have too much clients and she does not have time to answer everybody. It is better to sent SMS or whatsapp message. However, I recorded it for six months, and she immediately told me exactly what to say if she could work with me a month before the wedding. Therefore, if you have plenty of time, you do not mind 40 000 tenge (but you can save on a rehearsal), and you want everything to be 100%, especially if you have oily / problem skin - go to Victoria. "

Minisun: "I like Victoria's accents in make-up. I like that a make-up a bright and juicy. I like that she works with professional makeup. Her only minus is booking for a wedding half a year before. "

2. Sholpan Nurgazinova (makeup artist, stylist, "Eyebrow Queen"), tel .: +7 (771) 999-67-01 only whatsapp;
instagram: @nurgazinova13

Tyl * ki: "Sholpan Nurgazinova is the best make-up artist for me, I have been worried about the end result and it always turns out great! And she is very kind, wayward, with character and taste."

yuliya: "Nobody made me such a perfect make-up as Sholpan. The tone, shades, everything looks flawless! She has golden hands. Go to Shokpan, she is a true professional. And most importantly, she is very pretty woman with a feeling humor, love her! "

3. Sandy Beksyrga, makeup Hit TV and ADAM Media Group, trainer Make Up Studio, (make-up), tel .: +7 (775) 975-55-20 +7 (702) 408-71-55 administrator;
instagram: @sandi_beksirga.

galiyakairzhanova: "Sandy is makes very beautiful ,ake-up! She is super professional and the golden woman. My dream is study her make-up course!"

Dinara: "I found Sandi when one of the top makeup artists took me just writing a message a month before an important event, that she could not help me, because she will make-up a family of some high-ranking officials. But I had a special agreement with her long time before the event. I think it is extremely rude and unprofessional approach to work and clients. Sandy Beksyrga saved me then, thank her very much. She clearly knows what make-up to do for each client, even if the girl does not know what he wants. "
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