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Taraz - the oldest city

zhanto97zhanto97 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in - Other Cities
Can you remember a lot of cities that were built two millenia ago? Certinly, you can't. But there is one in southern Kazakhstan:an archaic city with a large quantity of historic buildings - Taraz.

Lying at the junction of the Talas River and the Turk-Sib Railway, Taraz has a huge history to be proud of. From the start of its existence Taraz started to be an international city, which could maintain peace in Central Asia. It received ambassadors as well as merchants from faraway places and provided them with a good place to stay. The Silk Road passed through Taraz, enabling the countries to thrive economically.


The atmosphere there is fantastic. A calm city, pleasant to live in. Numerous historic places and buildings are what make it idiosyncratic among other cities. It survived a lot of periods of reign of different countries. The mosque of saint Karakhan is one of the most beautiful places to visit. As you may know, the country of Karakhanids ruled Central Asia during X-XIII centuries.



A mausoleum of Ayshah Bibi is even more interesting. It has a lot of legends. No one knows for sure. Mystical.

Current Taraz is a small city with a population of 300000 people. One of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan and in Transoxania, Taraz celebrated its official 2000th anniversary (recognized by UNESCO) in 2001. It is idyllic, even the air is impregnated with history.


Come and visit Taraz! An unforgettable experience!


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