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The City of the Future

a_zhumaa_zhuma 1 week - Alien
edited September 2015 in - Astana / Астана
Akmoly became the capital city of Kazakhstan on 10th December 1997. On 6th May 1998, it was renamed Astana, which means "the capital" in Kazakh. Since then it has changed rapidly. New museums, amusement centers, parks, housing estates were built in order to develop and innovate the city.


The city is considered to be divided into two parts: left bank, the new city and right bank, the old city. It is clear for those who already had a chance to visit Astana. The right bank reminds you of the former city of Akmoly, nothing has really changed. The left bank, though is continuously thriving. Astana's most recognizable landmarks are located there. For instance, Baiterek, The Pyramid, Khan Shatyr, Ak Orda. Somehow the city reminds you of Dubai because of the various types of skyscrapers in the center of the left bank. Generelly those are offices and business centers.


"Expo 2017" is going to take place in the capital city of Kazakhstan. The whole nation is intensively preparing for this occasion. Hopefully the upcoming event will bring Kazakhstan and its economy to the next level.





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