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Working in Kazakhstan [Updated 2015]

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in Visas & Embassy
In accordance with Kazakh law, foreign nationals and individuals without nationality can work in Kazakhstan under permits granted by the designated authority.

Permit to employ foreign workers shall be granted to the following classes:

Chief executives with higher education and at least 5-year service in managing positions in their respective sector;
Managers and specialists, meeting qualifying requirements set-out in The Qualifying Sourcebook of Executive, Specialist and Other Worker Positions;
Skilled workers with the respective professional training and service in accordance with The Single Rate and Qualification Sourcebook of Worker Positions and Skills and the Rate and Qualification Descriptions of Worker Positions; and
Workers involved in seasonal agriculture under international agreements on cooperation in labour migration and social protection of migrant workers.
At the same time, Kazakh law sets forth classes of foreign nationals and individuals without nationality that can be employed without special permit:

Chief executives of branches or offices of foreign corporations;
Individuals on business trips lasting not more than 60 calendar days in one calendar year. More than 60 days shall be allowed if the Kazakh staff is seconded in order to take professional training, or refresher training and advanced training in specific occupations in a foreign corporation, which seconds the same number of foreign workers for a similar period, or if the same number of Kazakh nationals are sent for study at educational institutions in a country where the foreign corporation is based. In doing so they should not be seconded for more than 180 calendar days;
Individuals seconded under contract for more than 60 days to a Kazakhstan corporation, branches and offices of foreign corporations;
Chief executives of companies that entered (with the Kazakhstan government) into contracts for investment worth over 50 million US Dollars, and chief executives of the Kazakhstan corporations investing in priority sectors, who entered into contract with the respective authority responsible for investment;
Staff of diplomatic missions and international institutions, and staff of consulates, accredited in Kazakhstan;
Those arriving under international agreements on charity, humanitarian aid and grants signed by Kazakhstan;
Media, accredited in Kazakhstan;
Members of crews of river vessels, air, rail or motor transport vessels, owned by foreign entities;
Artists, directors, conductors, choir masters, choreographers, painters, coaches, sportsmen and trainers;
Individuals, permanently residing in Kazakhstan;
Those who gained the refugee status or political asylum in Kazakhstan;
Those studying and working at Kazakhstan educational institutions
Those who teach at general secondary, vocational, professional, post-secondary and higher educational institutions (under international agreements) on cooperation on education projects authorized by Kazakhstan (staffing of which does not exceed a 25 percent staff quota)
Oralmans (Kazakh repatriates)
Individuals, specialising in developing space rocket infrastructure and operating ground space infrastructure to be employed under international agreements on cooperation in aerospace signed by Kazakhstan;
Managers and specialists with post-secondary and higher education (with document confirmed under Kazakh law) working at the Regional Financial Centre in Almaty.
Please note that every year the Kazakhstan government sets limits on foreign workers to be employed.


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