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Migration Cards Kazakhstan [Updated 2015]

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in Visas & Embassy
While entering Kazakhstan each foreign national aged 16 or over will be given a Migration Card.

Migration Card form shall be issued:

At the Kazakhstan national border crossing points by the frontier guards of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee and by customs officers (Crossing Point Officers) where there are no border control points
While travelling by air and sea by air/sea vessel crews; while travelling by rail by members of train crews; while travelling by public or personal vehicles or on foot by national border Crossing Point Officers.
When crossing the Kazakh national border on documents which do not require marks or stamps at the border control point, foreign nationals can use - for this purpose only - their migration cards. In all other cases, migration cards/passport will be marked/stamped.

Registration shall be done by the interior officers by filling in the Registration column. Registration shall be certified through signature of an officer and by a stamp of the migration police department.

Entry shall be made legibly and if corrections are made, the respective qualifications shall be made.

Registration shall only be carried out at the place which the foreign national contacted first.

Migration Cards shall not be granted:

to individuals whose passports are to be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and its offices;
individuals having the Kazakh diplomatic, official and investor visas;
crew members of air, sea and river vessels;
staff of train crews (including refrigerating vessels and locomotives) and to individuals escorting goods being carried by rail;
passengers of trains transiting across Kazakhstan, drivers of vehicles, involved in international motor traffic.
Foreign nationals transiting around Kazakhstan with tickets where a settlement outside Kazakhstan is indicated as the final destination shall not be given Migration Cards. For instance, if a foreign national is travelling by train from Astrakhan to Dushanbe with a ticket from Astrakhan to Khiva or from Astrakhan to Dushanbe, he or she shall be obliged to fill in the Card.

If a foreign national arrives at the crossing point to go through border (customs) inspection while exiting from Kazakhstan without A Migration Card, or is not duly registered, Crossing Point Officers shall send him or her to the interior authorities for further investigating before granting the respective documents to him/her.

Foreign nationals arriving to exit Kazakhstan with expired registration or without Migration Cards during the period not requiring registration (and if there are the respective border crossing markings), may be allowed to cross the border by order of the Crossing Point Officers of the crossing points, if they fail to exit on time for reasons out of their control (acts of God, weather, illness, transport failures etc).

Foreign nationals that did not receive Migration Cards at national border crossing points shall be given them while being registered. If a foreign national applies for registration having no Migration Card, the interior authorities shall check if he/she legally resides in Kazakhstan, then the foreign national shall be given the Migration Card and be registered. In doing so, the migration police department shall put visa (passport) stamp in the Entry column. Foreign nationals to be deported shall be given the Migration Card and shall be registered for a period required to exit from Kazakhstan, with the Deportation entry made in the Entry column.

If the Migration Card is lost or unintentionally damaged, the foreign national must inform the interior authorities within 3 working days. The interior authorities shall grant duplicated Migration Card marking registration after the applicant is checked.

Migration Cards must be returned when exiting from Kazakhstan.

To clarify the procedure for filling in Migration Cards, each national border crossing point shall have a special memorandum (brief instructions on how to fill in the card are also supplied in Appendix 5).
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