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Border Control Kazakhstan [Updated 2015]

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in Visas & Embassy
Kazakh law states that any individual or vehicle crossing the national borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan is subject to border, customs, sanitary, veterinary inspections and any other types of inspection stated under law.
While crossing national borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following rules apply:

It is forbidden to carry out border inspection outside the national border crossing points set by the Government of Kazakhstan unless otherwise provided under Kazakh law and international treaties signed by Kazakhstan;
Individuals arriving in the national border crossing point and having no adequate grounds for crossing the border, while entering Kazakhstan under international conventions and treaties signed by Kazakhstan, are not allowed to cross the border and must return to the country from which they came - or their country of origin.
While exiting from Kazakhstan individuals are not allowed to cross the border until they secure the respective documents authorising the crossing of Kazakhstan border.
Individuals arriving at the Kazakhstan national border crossing point will not be allowed to cross if:

There are no proper documents authorising the crossing of Kazakhstan national border;
The individual was brought to administrative account previously by deportation from Kazakhstan;
There are adequate grounds for believing that the individual entered Kazakhstan for purpose other than the stated one;
Restrictions have been imposed on the individual by the Kazakh authorities.
Procedure for customs control at the border crossing points shall include:

Upon arrival in the national border crossing point, Kazakh nationals, foreign nationals and individuals without nationality shall produce one of the documents authorising the crossing of the national border as set forth under agreements the Government of Kazakhstan entered into with the government of a country they come from.
The following vehicles shall pass through customs control without delay:

Those carrying heads of states or prime ministers, heads of governmental and parliamentary delegations, heads of Kazakhstan diplomatic and trade missions abroad, heads of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Kazakhstan;
Those carrying seriously ill people, children, perishable goods, animals, radioactive materials;
Those involved in regular passenger traffic.


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