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Visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan [Updated 2015]

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in Visas & Embassy
To enter Kazakhstan, foreign nationals and individuals without nationality will need a visa unless exempt under international treaty.

The Kazakh visa must be pasted into a passport or other identity paper recognised in Kazakhstan and must be valid for travelling. The visa shall give the right to enter and stay in Kazakhstan and exit from it or transit across Kazakhstan.

Depending on the purpose of stay, foreign nationals can get a visa of one of the following types:

Tourist visa - granted to foreigners visiting Kazakhstan as tourists.

Business visa - granted to foreign nationals visiting and staying in Kazakhstan on business (business trip, participation in business negotiations, symposiums, conferences, bids, contract negotiations, participation in expos and fairs, trade deals on international traffic, consulting and auditing services).

Private visa - granted to foreigners, travelling to and staying in Kazakhstan on private trips.

Investor visa - granted to investors (namely chief executive officers and top managers or representatives of big foreign firms and companies) involved in investing into the economy of Kazakhstan, as well as to members of their families.

Work visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for work.

Student visa - granted to foreigners travelling and staying in Kazakhstan for studies, study tours, internships etc..

Transit visa - granted to foreigners with no right to visa-free transit to cross Kazakhstan.

Medical Treatment visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for medical treatment, medical examination, advice etc..

Diplomatic visa - granted to holders of diplomatic passports, holders of international institutions’ passports or national passports, if they are staff members of international institutions (this visa also covers members of their families and members of the families of diplomats working for foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Kazakhstan, government officials, parliament members, noted public and political figures, honorary consuls and members of their families).

Official visa - granted to holders of official passports, holders of national foreign passports working for foreign diplomatic missions and other offices and international institutions (not diplomatic ones), as well as foreign nationals visiting on business or public trips by invitation from diplomatic missions and international institutions accredited in Kazakhstan.

Permanent Resident visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for permanent residency.
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