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Coffee in Astana

dilaramaydilaramay 1 week - Alien
Coffee is my passion. That is why I know a lot about coffeehouses in Astana, and I want to share my knowledge with you.
Here is The Top 5 best coffeehouses of Astana.

1. Rafe` coffee & food

Rafe is my favorite coffee and food cafe in the city. European cuisine, stylish design, affordable prices and most importantly, wonderful coffee. There are three branches of the Rafe located in different parts of the city. I would recommend everyone try classic latte in this cafe for 700 KZT.

2. Marone Rosso

Marone Rosso Marrone Rosso is one of the Western brand coffee places in Astana.
It's located in the Nurzhol Boulevard area, just before the Baiterek Monument of Dostyk Street. Marrone Rosso offers breakfast all day, light healthy fare (salads and sandwiches), and assorted pastries. It sits in a corner of the first floor of the Keruen Shopping Mall. Most "fast food" restaurants like these will share their wi-fi info if asked (they give you a little slip of paper with the password). Best chai latte I have ever had by far. Not too sweet or overly spiced, it was rich, indulgent and comforting. So good!

3. Bon-Bon

Located near the Baiterek Tower, Bon Bon is well-known as a relatively inexpensive chain coffee house and is a great place to go after visiting the Baiterek Tower and the singing gardens. Bon Bon also recently updated its to decor. It’s out with the French café look and in with the lounge bar vibe. Mood lighting, shimmering mirrors and plenty of cushions; aesthetes and designistas will love every nook. If you’re really looking for relaxation, head upstairs to smoke some hookah on the cozy and intimate mezzanine level. Finally, I think that Bon Bon offers the best espresso in the city.

4. Corso

Located on the right bank of the river not far from Tiflis, the Corso coffee house bills itself as “A small part of Switzerland in Astana.” Comfortable and diminutive, it’s better for good conversation on a date or lunch, rather than a party with a big crowd. Corso is at its busiest during lunchtime and at night. It offers a decent crowd drinking cocktails and beer, and it can feel a bit more like a bar rather than café. Its cappuccinos are really good, and so are the cookies and cakes. It also serves a nice breakfast. Free Wi-Fi is available.

5. Costa Coffee

Last but not least is Costa Coffee, which is the most popular coffeehouse of all five listed. Picking it as a place for a meeting during the day time is always a good call. It has a good seating area and plenty of space. The Costa Coffee blend, known as “Mocha Italia”, contains six parts arabica beans to one part robusta beans. It is roasted in the UK but is very much rooted in the Italian tradition and the chief taster, Gennaro Pelliccia, ensures the quality. The coffee is served not too hot, and criticism of many other places I grab a coffee, it defines warmth and doesn’t burn your lips off.
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