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Masisso - Korean Restaurant in Almaty , Kazakhstan (Review)

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited September 2015 in Reviews
Today I had lunch at Masisso, an above average Korean restaurant in Almaty. It certainly gives out an authentic look of a Korean restaurant, but the environment inside well, not so much. Of course the waiters are wearing traditional Korean dress. The interior design of the restaurant does not resemble anything in Korea. At least they could try smooth and calm Korean songs, but while I was there mostly it was Russian Hip hop songs.

The lady who takes order speaks average English and was kind enough to explain me various dishes.They have both Russian and English menus. The food was top notch and enjoyed every bit, but the wait to get the good is quite long, you will have to wait more than 40 minutes, but the food is worth the wait, the portions are large enough to feed more than one, while the prices are low when compared to any Italian restaurant in Almaty. While I was there waiting for my lunch I saw a few Korean people having food , so the food should be awesome right ? any way I recommend you to give Masisso a try ..
Marisso is located at Furmanova 57 Str. Makatayev. Menu -

I snapped a few pics while I was waiting for my lunch

The place is quite spacious and is very apt for small family get-together (below)

Cutlery (they are steel and can be resused , I prefer wood chopsticks which can be used only once)
VIP area (below)
VIP area (below)
Not much to see outside the window
Offers (below)
Not sure what it is called , but this thing comes down and take away the vapor coming from your food (below)
They have a few of them (below)
Official Gallery


  • BokhanBokhan 1 year - Expatriate
    The only thing that i want to know is price, but actually it well writen ;)
  • dashandashan 1 month - Outlander
    there is a great issue with the order delivery in almaty ,compared to the service you get for example in UAE it's rubbish takes ages for them to bring food to your table even when you order the simplest dish .
  • ZhansayaZhansaya 1 year - Expatriate
    in Almaty a lots of Korean restaurants and cafes one of them in Furmanova-Gogolya =;
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