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Indian store inside Green Market , Zeloni Bazzar/ Зеленый базар (Almaty , Kazakhstan)

aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
edited October 2014 in - India
Today I visited an Indian Store to check out the products they have , I also wanted to buy lime pickles which I couldn't find anywhere in Almaty , Green Market is like an open market , where shops are working within a large number of shipping containers, It's easy to get lost with the large , congested market , so they have given row and column numbers so that it's easy to remember particular shop , Indian Store is located at Row 5 , shop 6 . If you couldnt find it just ask for Shaji's Indian store. The store keeper is a Kazakh lady but she speaks fluent English , her name is Dariga , +77027504280 . I bought pickles , Gulab jamun , Basumati Rice etc , the prices are ok-ish when compared to the price of groceries in Almaty but do not try to convert Indian prices written on the products to Tenge , because the store charges two or three times more than the Indian price .. I took a few snaps .. hope it helps

The entire shop with Dariga (below)
Fancy Bourbon ,Tiger bisciuts or Maggi Noodles ? (below)
Pickles , Ghee etc (below)
All kind of Indian tea ( Kazakhstan or Russian made India tea :) ) Couldnt find tata tea (below)
Indian rice of all kinds (below)
Gulab Jamun (below)
Gulab Jamun , the price on the cover says 170INR , that will be around 500 Tenge , but the price here is 1400Tenge
Indian Lime Pickle (below)

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  • AcielAciel 1 year - Expatriate
    Is there other peculiar Indian food in the store? Because i want to try something special, that is why i will visit it and buy something! ;;)
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