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Strategic Development Plan of Kazakhstan to 2020

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in General
The strategic plan on development of Kazakhstan till 2020 has been approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 922 dated February 1, 2010.

The period of developing the Strategic plan 2020 concurred with the beginning of the most serious global financial and economic crisis in the history of the mankind for the last seventy years. As a result, the emphasis in the Strategic plan 2020 was placed on implementation of measures, directed at increase of the national economy’s stability in relation to negative consequences of world or regional crises.

During the next decade five key directions will be the priority in the state’s activity:

preparation for post-crisis development;

provision of the economy’s sustained growth by means of accelerated diversification through industrialization and infrastructure development;

investments into the future - increase of human capital’s competitiveness for the achievement of sustained economic growth, prosperity and social well-being of the Kazakhstanis;

provision of the population with qualitative social and housing and communal services;

strengthening the international consent, safety, stability of the international relations.

strengthening the interethnic consent, security, stability of international relations.

As a result of implementation of the Strategic plan 2020, Kazakhstan should achieve the following key indicators:

In 2020 Kazakhstan will become a country that came out of the world crisis stronger and more competitive, with diversified economy and population actively involved in the new economy.

By 2020 Kazakhstan will already be among fifty most competitive countries of the world with a favorable business climate that allows attraction of considerable foreign investments in the non-primary sectors of the country’s economy.

By 2020 the country will possess human resources necessary for development of diversified economy, and also possess infrastructure necessary for serving domestic businessmen and exporters.

By 2020 the Kazakhstani economy will increase in real terms by more than one third in relation to 2009 level.

By 2020 the share of population with incomes below living wage will decrease to 8%.

The main achievement of implementation of the Strategic plan 2020 should be a substantial increase of well-being of the country’s citizens as a result of consecutive diversification and qualitative improvement of Kazakhstan’s economic growth structure.
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