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Kazakhstan to become one of economically developed countries – expert

aneeshaneesh 1 year - Expatriate
edited October 2015 in General
Kazakhstan will become one of the developed countries of the world, Leonid Gusev, the research associate at the Institute of International Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations believes, CA-NEWS reports.

“The most recent president’s address to the nation places an emphasis on the economy and those reforms that will be carried out in the country. Therefore, the President defines the 2050 Strategy as a program of practical deeds. The President also put forward a plan on joining the top 30 most developed countries of the world. It is important that the plan consists of seven five-year stages with specific tasks in each,” L.Gusev said.

According to him, almost all of the stages are aimed at creation of new technologies such as mobile, multimedia, nano- and space technologies, robotic technologies, genetic engineering, search and discovering of a future energy. In the sphere of agriculture, the emphasis is placed on creation of an effective land market, transparent mechanisms of price setting and establishment of a network of processing enterprises, website informs.

“Special attention is also paid to development of transport and Kazakhstan’s role of a bridge between East and West, Europe and Asia. The role of science and education is highlighted as well. This is what a country cannot develop without. If all of the set tasks are fulfilled, Kazakhstan will become one of the developed countries of the world,” Gusev said.
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